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Hi everyone, crypto people!

ChainDot is the new web3 top-notch product bringing a complete DeFi ecosystem gathering together, under a single project, all the most exciting and useful features of smart contracts, Dapps and blockchains.

In this brief article we’ll give a general overview of how ChainDot Finance ecosystem will be structured and which are the main tokens involved in ChainDot tokenomics.

ChainDot Finance is composed by the following core products:

  • ChainDot ($CHOT): This is the ERC20 token used for ChainDot ecosystem governance. Users who hold $CHOT can participate in community voting to build and shape the future development path of ChainDot Decentralized Finance ecosystem. $CHOT token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself. More info about $CHOT here (link coming soon).

In the following weeks & months we’ll disclose more info about all the ChainDot Finance ecosystem products with detailed articles and insight news.

Every token will be distributed with presale, airdrop and community tasks giveaways.

Stay tuned to know more and get ready to join the future of finance!

Follow ChainDot at the following links:

Email us for any question at:

Alan Seniyr,
CEO of ChainDot Finance.

Anonymous transactions, price & data feed oracle, governance and staking ERC20 token.

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