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1) Great tokenomics and liquidity supply will ensure a fair market and no dumping, value protection and increases investors confidence.
2) Anonymity features of ChainDot will be one of the main trends in the upcoming years where privacy becomes every day more and more important and useful.
3) A great team with solid background and big investors can make the difference.

There are in reality plenty of reasons to join the presale of ChainDot and its community but we are sure the three above could be already enough to start!

Token Name: ChainDot
Token Symbol: CHOT
Token Type: ERC-20 (burnable…

Who are you?

I’ve been a game/finance loving technology enthusiast all my life, with a passion for exploring emerging technology. I had the joy and pleasure of working with the some of the most successful online games of all time at major software houses, and have experimented and explored everything from independent game design to tools for efficiently interact with smart contracts.

These days I’m focused on building a flagship product for ChainDot with a super hype, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to bring all the benefits of blockchain mixed with privacy features to mainstream adoption. Obtaining privacy yet provable ownership…

Blockchain plays by its own rules.

A decentralized environment where we’re dealing with services not guaranteed by a single provider, but a peer-2-peer network, blockchain is governed more by the laws of supply and demand than any of the top-down decision-making we’ve come to expect in centralized solutions. Whether it’s the transaction fees, token prices, or the trustworthiness of a network, the market decides on all of those factors, introducing previously unseen uncertainties or unexpected surprises.

As a result, similarly to how developing applications on the blockchain requires new design patterns, fundraising in a blockchain startup and the underlying…

Decentralized web3 ecosystem

Hi everyone, crypto people!

ChainDot is the new web3 top-notch product bringing a complete DeFi ecosystem gathering together, under a single project, all the most exciting and useful features of smart contracts, Dapps and blockchains.

In this brief article we’ll give a general overview of how ChainDot Finance ecosystem will be structured and which are the main tokens involved in ChainDot tokenomics.

ChainDot Finance is composed by the following core products:

  • ChainDot ($CHOT): This is the ERC20 token used for ChainDot ecosystem governance. Users who hold $CHOT can participate in community voting to build and shape the future development path…

ChainDot Finance

Anonymous transactions, price & data feed oracle, governance and staking ERC20 token.

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